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Help Desk & Service Centre

Get in touch with your local dealer or distributor for service. If that’s not an option, you can send it to the USA for service. For product returns or repair services, it is not necessary to call. Please follow the process outlined below:

  1. Create a Help Desk ticket at A Help Desk Ticket will ensure that your support request is being monitored, and we have a complete history of your problems.
  2. Include a sheet of paper with the Help Desk Ticket ID inside the shipping box. Do not write on the product packaging box. You might be charged a restocking fee for a refund if the packaging material or product has blemishes.
  3. Send the item to the USA Service Center after receiving acknowledgment from the Help Desk. (Please make sure you get confirmation from the Help Desk BEFORE you ship so the support team is expecting the RMA).

USA Support Office Hours

Sisters Service Center

Admin Contact: Katy
Phone: +1-541-7889261

69650 Omaha Road
Sisters, OR 97759

Out of Warranty Service Policy:

1) Customer prepay $75 for diagnostic (count toward total service fee). If there is no defect, customer pays return shipping. There is no refund for diagnostic fee (see repair cost)
2) Sisters Service Center invoices customer for parts, additional labor and return shipping. Repair work will not start until customer pays in full.

Repair cost:
1) Parts –  contact Audiomis sales if you want to check for the list price. Sisters Service Center follows the recommended retail price for parts.
2) Labor – usually most services take less than 2 hours and cost no more than $150 (diagnostic is included). In general, $150 is the upper limit for total service fee.

* Do not ship to the service center without a Help Desk Ticket number.

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