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Background in symphony orchestra and String instruments manufacturing

Audiomis is not just a speaker brand; it’s a testament to the vision of our CEO and founder, Jennifer Wong. With a background in creating the renowned string instrument brand, Huafeng String Instruments, Jennifer extends her passion for music and craftsmanship into the realm of HiFi speakers with Audiomis.

In addition to our commitment to quality, Audiomis also offers ODM (Original Design Manufacturing) services and OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing) production for select brands. Our factory is equipped to design and manufacture our own speaker drivers and tweeters, allowing us to maintain full control over the production process and ensure the highest standards of craftsmanship and performance.

Audiomis infuses the artistry of violin craftsmanship into the creation and fine-tuning of its audio equipment, prioritizing the authenticity and expressiveness of the sound produced. In the R&D phase, the company undertakes comprehensive studies on the acoustic and artistic representation of its products. Through rigorous testing and refinement, Audiomis strives to perfect the most precise and sublime high-fidelity sound within the confines of compact spaces.

With Audiomis, you can expect not only outstanding sound reproduction but also a dedication to innovation and excellence in every aspect of our products and services.

In-house R&D and Manufacturing

Our factory possesses the capability to design and manufacture our own speaker drivers and tweeters, enabling us to retain complete control over the production process and uphold the utmost standards of craftsmanship and performance. Additionally, we continuously innovate digital technology to elevate the capabilities of our speakers.


Yeh Huasheng (叶华生)

Mr. Ye Huasheng, an esteemed violinist and former concertmaster of the Guangzhou Symphony Orchestra, currently holds the positions of artistic director and concertmaster at the Guangzhou Lingnan Symphony Orchestra. He received training in violin and piano master classes in Germany and Austria, studying under renowned professors such as Winfried Wenzel and Bard of the Munich State Conservatory of Music, as well as Peter Brugger from the Goisen State Conservatory of Music, and Koji Toyoda from the Berlin University of the Arts.

During his tenure as principal of the Guangzhou Symphony Orchestra, Mr. Ye collaborated with prestigious opera and ballet companies worldwide, including the Royal Opera House Ballet, Moscow State Theater Ballet, National Center for the Performing Arts Ballet in Hungary, and the Australian National Ballet. Esteemed conductors he has worked with include Jean Pilison (France), Herbert Zipper (USA), and notable musicians like senior violinist Lu Siqing and Nishizaki Takako (Japan).

Jennifer Wong (黄娟娟), CEO

Jennifer Wong graduated with double degrees, Bachelor of Management and Bachelor of Arts from Jilin University . She began her career in e-commerce and joined the audio industry in 2009, working in marketing, product management and manufacturing. She helped launch the iFi Audio brand in 2012 and oversaw its brand planning, product lineup, and market promotion in China.

In August 2017, Jennifer founded Audiomis, a brand that specializes in the China market. Audiomis has several product lines and dealers across China. In May 2024, Audiomis will attend the High End Show in Munich, Germany, marking its first international expansion.

Jason Lim, Sales & Marketing

Jason Lim brings a wealth of experience to the high-end audio industry. As a co-founder of NuForce, he spearheaded the development of groundbreaking technology, notably the NuForce Reference 9 amplifier, which secured the prestigious Product Of The Year award from The Absolute Sound (USA) in 2005, marking the first Class-D amplifier to achieve such recognition. Following the acquisition of NuForce by Optoma in 2013, Jason embarked on a new venture, co-founding NuPrime Audio. Under his leadership, NuPrime quickly rose to prominence, garnering four Product Of The Year awards in 2015 and earning acclaim from two leading high-end audio publications. Currently serving as NuPrime Audio’s CEO, Jason remains dedicated to pushing the boundaries of audio excellence. His expertise has also led him to assume the role of spearheading sales and marketing efforts for Audiomis.

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