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The HP3 speakers boast tailored core components meticulously crafted to harmonize seamlessly, including speaker units, crossovers, power amplifiers, and cabinet structures.

The innovative front-facing low-distortion reflective inverter tube design enhances low-frequency energy development for cleaner and more flexible bass. With matte painted MDF cabinets to mitigate resonance and a customizable detachable grille design, these speakers offer both premium aesthetics and functionality.

Incorporating Class D power amplification and an integrated parametric equalization DSP processor, they deliver efficient, stable performance with high-quality wireless Bluetooth reception.



  • Tailored Core Components: Our speaker units, crossovers, power amplifiers, and cabinet structures are meticulously crafted to harmonize seamlessly with each other.
  • Front-Facing Low-Distortion Reflective Inverter Tube Design: This innovative design minimizes constraints on speaker placement while enhancing low-frequency energy development, resulting in cleaner and more flexible bass.
  • Matte Painted MDF Cabinets: Crafted to mitigate cabinet resonance, our matte painted cabinets exude a restrained yet noble aesthetic, characteristic of premium speaker systems.
  • Integrated Parametric Equalization DSP Processor (Hardware)*: Utilizing ADI's ADAU1701 DSP chip, renowned for its maturity and high performance, Audiomis expertly integrates advanced digital signal processing into our systems.
  • DSP Computer Management Control (Software)*: Our proprietary DSP control software maximizes the capabilities of the ADAU1701 chip, ensuring efficient and stable performance.
  • Class D Power Amplification: Our Class D power amplifiers deliver high efficiency and minimal heat generation, optimizing performance and longevity.
  • Anti-Shock, Anti-Slip, and Anti-Scratch Bottom Pads: Engineered to reduce resonance and prevent slippage or scratches, these pads enhance stability and protect surfaces.
  • Customized External Switching Power Supply: Tailored to our product specifications, our specialized switching power supply ensures optimal performance.
  • High-Quality Wireless 5.0 Bluetooth Reception: Featuring our self-designed Bluetooth chip module, our systems provide stable and excellent Bluetooth transmission, approaching CD-level sound quality.
  • Advanced Computer-Aided Design for Treble Cavity Optimization: Leveraging cutting-edge CAD technology, we achieve transparent and natural treble reproduction, free from standing waves.
  • Customizable Detachable Grille Design: Our cleverly designed grille effectively safeguards speaker units while offering easy installation and maintenance, prolonging product lifespan.

Speaker Driver and Tweeter

  • Employing polypropylene (PP) cone material with superior low distortion enhances fidelity, delivering intricate details and impactful dynamics.
  • Incorporating a short-circuit ring minimizes distortion while extending the frequency response range.
  • The aluminum frame reinforces the speaker structure, enhancing rigidity and stability, particularly during high dynamics, resulting in clearer mid- and low-frequency reproduction.
  • Implementing an anti-magnetic design not only boosts sensitivity but also enhances the versatility of the speaker, widening its range of applications.


  • Tweeter: 1-inch silk dome neodymium magnet top unit, high-temperature resistant voice coil
  • Woofer: 3-inch, PP cone, magnetically shielded unit
  • Input Signal (Impedance):
  • Input Connection:  Active Speaker - RCA/Bluetooth, Passive Speaker - Copper terminal (gold-plated)
  • Frequency response range: 70Hz ~ 20kHz
  • SPL (Max): 86dB
  • Signal-to-Noise Ratio: >75 dB (A weighted)
  • Peak Power: 35W(RMS)
  • DSP management system: Professional-grade nine-band equalization parameters are adjustable, and PEQ can correct speaker frequency response linearity.
  • Crossover Frequency: 2.85KHz
  • Distortion: <0.05% (1W)
  • Size (W, H, D): 156mm, 109mm, 139mm
  • Gross Weight: 3.47kg/Pairs
  • Colour: Matte Black/White, Piano Lacquer Red (Requires Pre-order)

Amplifier and DSP

The amplifier has high work efficiency and produces minimal heat. It can support up to 100 watts of power (currently equipped with a 50-watt adapter), ensuring ample power reserve and enhanced sound quality. The high-quality ADC satisfies the need for a high degree of fidelity. Audio processing is handled with high precision in real-time by a robust dedicated DSP, allowing for tailored adjustments to specific sound parameters. Moreover, it combines the high efficiency typical of a Class-D amplifier with the sound characteristic of Class AB amplifier.

This speaker's design is tailored to meet the demands of audio enthusiasts, incorporating state-of-the-art DSP (Digital Signal Processing) chips for meticulous sound management. These DSP chips empower users to finely tune settings, optimizing sound output to suit the unique acoustics of their room and their individual music preferences. This capability guarantees an unparalleled sound experience, tailored precisely to the user's liking.

On the power amplifier's back panel, you'll find RCA outputs and inputs. A USB port provides a connection to a computer, facilitating the fine-tuning of sound effects through DSP control.

*Note that computer USB Audio playback is not supported. The USB port is only for use by the DSP software.

The ADAU1701 is a complete single-chip audio system with a 28-/56-bit audio DSP, ADCs, DACs, and microcontroller-like control interfaces. It can perform a variety of sound improvements like balancing, mixing, deepening bass, and creating a more dynamic and spacious sound. These improvements help overcome the usual shortcomings of speakers and amplifiers, making the audio sound better. The signal processing prowess of the ADAU1701 rivals that of high-end stereo equipment, with most operations executed in full 56-bit double precision mode, ensuring exceptional performance even at low signal levels.

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